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We provide tools and resources for students and alumni of Brigham Young University’s applied math program

Thoughtful Mentorship
Students connect with alumni and each other for career and academic guidance
Broaden Horizons
Facilitate student exposure to new opportunities through networking trips and guest speakers
Robust Network
Provide students and alumni a platform to network with a diverse group of applied math professionals. 
Fundamental Resources
Equip students with textbooks, computers, and other essentials so they can focus on problem-solving

Our Story

We are alumni of Brigham Young University’s Applied and Computational Mathematics program and formed the Applied and Computational Mathematics Foundation (“ACMF”) in 2019. We aim to provide students with the resources and tools necessary to be successful both during and after their applied math studies. The ACMF relies on fellow applied math alumni and friends to donate time and resources to mentor and support both students and each other.
Applied math provides a foundation for both private and public organizations to solve their greatest problems and to prepare for an uncertain future. The ACMF’s direct focus is on students and alumni, but we ahead to the impact they can have on the world.

What is
Applied Math?

You may wonder, what is applied and computational mathematics (or “applied math”, for short)? The world’s ever-advancing technology positions us better now than ever to harness new information to make smarter, more thoughtful decisions. Our ability to collect and store data has improved much faster than our ability to process and understand it.

Applied math is the combined study of mathematics, computer science, and statistics and helps bridge this gap. The theory, algorithms, and problem-solving strategies for cleaning, processing, analyzing, and interpreting data has applications across all disciplines and industries.

Donations at Work

We represent you as we give back to students


Academic and need-based awards to outstanding, dedicated students


Essential material for coursework completion


Replace student hardware deficiency with focus on algorithm design and implementation

Grad School Prep

Cover costs of test prep resources and exam fees

Student Gatherings

Support social events for students to forge lifelong connections with their classmates

Study Rooms

Create inviting, collaborative spaces that foster group collaboration and learning

Guest Speakers

Enhance exposure to diverse industries, jobs, schools, and applications of classroom material

Networking Trips

Sponsor trips to major cities with top opportunities for internships, jobs, research opportunities, and graduate programs


We are alumni of Brigham Young University’s Applied and Computational Mathematics program and graduated together in the spring of 2016.

Christopher Hair


Chris graduated from ACME in 2016 with an emphasis and second major in economics. He is currently a PhD candidate in Finance at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. He lives in Berkeley where he is a visiting PhD student at UC Berkeley while his wife, Lauren, also works on a PhD at UC Berkeley in International Relations. Chris' research focuses on real estate finance and in his spare time he enjoys hiking the Oakland hills and cooking.

Orson Clay


Orson, and his wife, Katie, live in the New York City metro area. Orson works for private investment firm Compass Partners Capital. They are nearly exclusively focused on eating and travel.

Tim Riser


Tim graduated from BYU in 2016 with a dual degree in ACME and Economics. Tim Riser currently leads the business development team at Molten, a Boston-based media infrastructure tech startup. He was previously a consultant at Innosight, the strategy and innovation firm founded by Clayton M. Christensen, and a researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

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Your donations to the Applied and Computational Mathematics Foundation directly support students’ success both during and after their studies