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Alumni organize Applied and Computational Mathematics Foundation to support applied math students at Brigham Young University

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August 24, 2020

PROVO, UTAH – Applied and Computational Mathematics Foundation (“ACMF” or “the Foundation”) today announces its formation. ACMF is an alumni-run, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that will provide applied math students studying at Brigham Young University with resources, tools, and mentorship to support their success during and after undergraduate studies. The Foundation has and will continue to work closely with student and faculty leadership to best provide resources to support the students and the applied math program.

ACMF will provide thoughtful mentorship, fundamental resources, and targeted financial support to both individuals and the broader group of applied math students, allowing them to focus on academic and professional development. ACMF is a platform for both students and alumni to access career resources and insights, find mentors and job opportunities, and support future cohorts of applied math students.

The Foundation encourages friends and alumni to support the students by signing up for access to ACMF’s platform, making a donation, or joining ACMF’s upcoming student-alumni mentorship program. In close coordination with students and faculty, the Foundation will host seminars focused on topics including networking and personal development.

Without financial support from friends and alumni and their continued donation of their time, ACMF could not serve the students. ACMF expresses deep gratitude for the many alumni, faculty, and friends of applied math who have already donated considerable time and resources in support of applied math students at Brigham Young University. The Foundation looks forward to continued, close partnership with them. The applied math alumni, faculty, and students are a superb group of highly driven and motivated individuals. ACMF seeks to continue that legacy by providing tools and resources for problem solvers focused on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s unknowns.

ACMF is excited to begin its journey supporting applied math students and looks forward to growing together with alumni and friends to continually improve this support going forward. Please consider making a donation today.


About ACMF

Applied and Computational Mathematics Foundation is an independent non-profit corporation formed in 2019 by Brigham Young University alumni. ACMF seeks to enhance students’ experiences during and beyond their undergraduate studies by providing targeted financial and developmental support. Contact for additional information.