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ACMF Signal – Oct 2020

By October 1, 2020October 7th, 2020No Comments

Welcome to ACMF’s now-regularly delivered newsletter! Whether you’re facing midterms, research deadlines, or a Q4 crunch at work, we’re grateful you’ve joined fellow students and alumni in building this community that connects us.

Open season on jobs

It is officially open season on internship and job searching for ACME students. In addition to holding an alumni roundtable (thanks to all involved!), we recently gave a short presentation to the two junior and two senior cohorts on how ACMF will be working on campus.

We have kicked off alumni student chats. If anyone would still like to participate, shoot a quick reply to this email by Monday, October 4th and we’ll open up the link for you.

Newly released interviews

New alumni interviews have dropped on the ACMF website. Get deep dives into the career paths and work philosophies of alumni across many different fields. This is a great way to get ideas for your own path, build pattern recognition for good opportunities, or get inspired to reach out and start a conversation with someone.

Here are the two highlighted articles of the month:

Alumni Q&A: Katie Palmer on the ACME Survival Guide and Missiles 101
What do you want to know about working for government or defense contractors? Katie’s got answers to share. This mildly redacted interview covers Katie’s experience on both sides of the table working with government agencies, and also includes her survival guide to ACME.

Alumni Q&A: Drew Pearson on Building Machine Learning Pipelines and Careers
After finding his ideal manager, Drew Pearson decided to join Ancestry’s Data Science team. In this interview, Drew talks about how to pick from the world of possible personal projects, breaks down the data science job interview, and gives some of the best career tips we’ve ever seen.

Any questions for us?

We’d love to hear what you think so far. We’re excited to build ACMF with you!

– Tim, Chris, and Orson

Back by popular request: What we’ve been reading

Every Company is Becoming Software
Explanatory piece from open-source software creator on how companies aren’t just adopting software to reinforce offline business processes – companies are actually becoming software.

The Garden of Forking Memes: How Digital Media Distorts Our Sense of Time
A sparkling meditation on the divergent subcultures, dissonance between felt time and measured time, and desynchronized realities of modern digital life, in essay form. If mathematics draws the soul to truth, can it draw societies together as well?

The Mundanity of Excellence: An Ethnographic Report on Stratification and Olympic Swimmers
A rigorous study of swimmers across clearly stratified skill levels that suggests excellence does not come from quantitative changes of behavior (e.g. swimming more, studying more), but rather from qualitative changes (e.g. changes in technique, attitudinal changes to daily work).